Welcome to Our Online Conference Slack, your one-stop online platform for discussion and information.

How to access:

  • You will be sent an invitation to join the platform via the email address you provided at registration. Follow the instructions provided in the email to join.
  • Slack is free and can be accessed via your laptop or a mobile device (we recommend you download the Slack app if you will be participating in person so you can access it for real-time updates).

How to use:

The main areas for discussion on Slack are called Channels. You will notice a number of channels already set up:

  • Each session has a channel. This allows paper-givers and poster presenters to upload their papers or slides (if desired) and for attendees to ask questions or provide suggestions/comments. A zoom link to participate virtually in the session will be provided in this channel before the session starts.
  • Each poster has a channel. Poster presenters upload their posters so they can be viewed outside of the poster session. All attendees are welcome to ask questions and discuss the topics brought up by the poster in the channel.
  • A channel to meet your Local Election Officials. This will provide a space designed to get to know the local election officials attending the conference and to ask them questions. Any local election official attendees are welcome to get the ball rolling by introducing themselves in this channel.
  • A channel for announcements. This will allow conference organizers to share important information to both virtual and in-person attendees.
  • A questions channel that will be monitored throughout the event.

Slack also allows for direct messaging to any conference attendee that can be used to follow up for further information or discussion.